Agility IS Ltd

Information Security Specialists

Our highly skilled and experienced team hold relevant certifications including CREST Fellow, CREST Certified Tester, ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Auditor and PCI DSS QSA.

Martin Law

A seasoned security professional with over 30 years security expertise, Martin heads our team providing consultancy services to a broad spectrum of clients across all industry sectors.

Possessing the rare ability to place technical findings within a business context and communicate them directly to senior management within an organisation, enabling clients to make informed decisions to manage their risk.

Maintaining a considerable depth of technical experience with a career originating in UNIX and TCP/IP some 35 years ago as a developer in open, distributed systems and networking.

Engaged to establish and implement security management frameworks to ISO/IEC 27001, lead security change projects, act as interim CISO, investigate security breaches, deliver awareness training, and to undertake penetration testing, social engineering, physical security assessments, and secure architecture reviews.

Sole owner of Agility Information Security (AgilityIS) founded in 2015 after relinquishing joint ownership of First Defence Information Security, a business successfully run for six years.


Agility is a premier Information Technology Security Provider dedicated to leading the IT security industry and inspiring our clients to employ industry good practices.

We are a trusted partner, committed to excellent customer service and delivering high value with integrity through our exceptional staff and carefully selected solutions.

Agility is experienced in providing clients with independent and objective security assessments and offers a range of world-class solutions to the real world challenges faced by our clients.